Most Popular XR Collaboration Reviews 2022


Collaboration is rapidly emerging as one of the most valuable use cases for any business. With countless apps and headsets available to choose from, today’s brands can easily equip their teams with the tools they need to create and innovate anywhere in the world.

XR solutions bring users together from multiple points around the globe, to discuss new ideas, build, and complete projects at speed. These sensational tools can bridge the gaps between hybrid workers, and even accelerate time to market for new projects.

The question is, which XR collaboration solutions are most worthy of your attention in 2022? Here are a selection of some of our most popular reviews from the industry, to help you decide.

Unity VisualLive

Created by a market-leading provider of XR development software, Unity VisualLive allows professionals in a host of environments to visualise designs and collaborate more effectively in a real-time space.

The technology can overlay a range of BIM and CAD files into job sites through AR, to provide users with instant access to information, and connect colleagues at the same time.

In our Unity VisualLive review, we cover all of the useful features empowering enhanced collaborative experiences within this technology. We cover everything from the status tracking features for connecting with your colleagues, to the one-click reporting and issue capture tools, photo markup and instant annotation sharing.

BlueJeans for Workplace

Designed specifically for the Meta Workplace app, BlueJeans for Workspace is a dedicated collaboration tool built to bring team members together. This innovative solution builds on the existing functionality Meta Workplace has to offer in the XR world. With an Oculus headset, users can jump into a virtual meeting space and access a range of unique capabilities.

You’ll be able to share photos and files instantly, with unlimited storage, and launch voice and video calls through the BlueJeans environment.

Our BlueJeans for Workplace review covers how this technology ensures a powerful high-quality audio and video experience for every user. There’s even access to chatbots, so you can leverage the power of AI while you’re in the midst of a meeting.

Frame by Virbela

One of the more popular collaboration apps on the XR market today, Frame by Virbela promises to bring people from all environments together in a convenient environment where they can share ideas, and customize spaces to suit their needs.

The Frame landscape can powerfully recreate digital twins of real-world spaces, so you can provide your team members with a complete copy of their physical workspace, in the virtual world.

In this Frame by Virbela review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about this intelligent tool. We cover the immersive VR environment templates used to help boost engagement between remote teams, and the gallery of Frame environments available to explore for each user. This app even comes with live webcam streaming, screen sharing, and collaborative cross-platform support.

Horizon Workrooms

A popular tool for those already investing in the Workplace by Meta (previously Facebook) ecosystem, Horizon Workrooms is a state-of-the-art collaborative space for VR collaboration.

Easy-to-use and convenient, this app comes with all the features you would expect from a powerful collaborative tool, including immersive hand tracking and remote desktop streaming.

You can instantly set up video conferencing integrations with this tool, as you’ll see in our Horizon Workrooms review. Additionally, there’s access to features like Oculus avatars so you can showcase your unique appearance and spatial audio for surround sound. The mixed reality environment is particularly useful when you need to keep track of your desk and keyboard in a virtual world.


Probably one of the best-known XR collaboration apps in the world today, Spatial was one of the first tools to introduce us to what XR interactions might look like.

This state-of-the-art collaboration experience is made particularly immersive by the introduction of photo-realistic avatars, making it feel as though you’re genuinely interacting with your colleagues and team members in a virtual world.

As our Spatial review covers, the technology comes with a variety of handy tools for collaboration, such as point-and-click monitors, note-taking apps, and media sharing tools.

You can even import files from your favourite apps to show to the rest of the team. Spatial integrates with a wide range of platforms, including OneDrive, Google Drive, and Slack.


ImmersedVR rose to popularity in 2021, as companies began searching for new ways to promote collaboration in the age of hybrid work. The VR “lightweight” experience promises a convenient way for business leaders to create private workspaces and group environments where you can share ideas, innovate, and create.

Affordable and easy to use, the ImmersedVR environment allows users to bring various pieces of information and documents into the virtual world, to share with other users.

As you’ll see within our ImmersedVR review, there’s also plenty of pre-built virtual spaces to choose from, so you and your team never have to get bored of where you’re working from.


Another well-known tool in the virtual reality collaboration space, MeetinVR soared into popularity during early 2021, as more people began to embrace the possibilities of meetings and collaboration in VR. The environment comes with a variety of ready-to-use rooms, designed for different use cases, and a host of powerful collaboration capabilities, like whiteboards and sticky notes.

As you can see in our MeetinVR review, one of the major focus points of this collaborative application was recreating human experiences and bonding opportunities between members of staff. With Wolf 3D, MeetinVR created an incredible avatar creator capable of converting two-dimensional pictures into 3D rendered avatars.

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