Top XR Vendors majoring in Field Services in 2022


As demand for Extended Reality experiences increases, some industries are seeing more opportunities within these technologies than others. For instance, in a naturally distributed, fast-paced, and agile environment, like field services, XR can be an extremely powerful tool.

Extended Reality in field services can help professionals to assess and fix problems in machinery from a distance or align specialists on a complex challenge. Even better, there are a number of XR vendors out there with a specific focus on helping teams in the field.

Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the biggest names in the extended reality space offering support for field services as of 2022.


As the market leader in Mixed Reality experiences, Microsoft has exceptional value to offer the field services space. Mixed Reality tools like the HoloLens 2 headset could allow a professional or specialist to work with an employee on the field in real-time, seeing what they’re encountering through a video stream. This specialist could then use Remote Assist functionality to annotate the team members’ view, making it faster and easier to solve complex problems.

Microsoft is helping all kinds of companies to make the transition into a future of extended reality excellence, with access to developer tools like Mesh, and flexible programs for innovative companies. The Microsoft team is already working with a number of market leaders to help staff in the field.

Meta (Oculus)

Meta is making exceptional progress in its exploration of extended reality thanks to an ever-growing vision of the modern metaverse. In the future, Meta’s technology will allow more teams in the field services environment to access information and connected tools wherever they are, with the power of extended reality.

The Oculus branch of Meta is already working with leading brands like Avangrid renewables, to support the training and development of field services professionals.

In a world of ever-evolving technology, experts need access to immersive training opportunities so they can prepare for life on the move. The Oculus VR headset is one of the most affordable and accessible headsets appealing to companies of all sizes right now.


One of the leaders in both Mixed Reality and Virtual reality headsets, Varjo has the potential to unlock a range of immersive opportunities for today’s field services companies.

With Varjo headsets, companies can provide their skilled engineers and technicians with additional content to guide their work in real-time. Mixed Reality can combine the real and physical worlds to make fixing complex issues and accessing information easier.

Varjo could also help companies to provide a better quality of training to professionals going out into the field, so they can operate more efficiently and safely wherever their work takes them. Varjo’s immersive and easy-to-use technology is sure to appeal to a wide range of brands.

Google ARCore

Though Google hasn’t always been a market leader in the extended reality space, the company’s commitment to continued experimentation and growth makes it a worthwhile consideration for modern brands.

The ARCore ecosystem offered by Google, for instance, will allow field services companies to develop and implement intelligent applications for their teams, infused with augmented reality. This could open the door to a range of improvements in productivity and efficiency.

Thanks to real-time annotations and ultra-fast video streaming, employees on the field could get real-time guidance from experts on how to fix complex issues, without having to load up a manual. The great thing about ARCore technology is its accessible on a range of smart phones, which means even smaller companies can take advantage.


Introducing the field services landscape to the benefits of extended reality means ensuring companies can access both the right hardware and the correct software.

Unity is one of the market leading brands offering developers in the modern environment a chance to build their own AR and VR experiences, complete with a host of unique customisations.

In recent years, Unity has already worked with countless industrial giants, manufacturers, and field services organizations to help them build a custom tool for their employees.

Brands like ABB recently used both Unity and the Microsoft HoloLens ecosystem to develop a better set of tools for field service operations and training.


One of the biggest names in the extended reality environment, VIVE is best-known for creating phenomenal, high-quality headsets for virtual reality. The company makes immersive technology more accessible and manageable, with simple and straightforward hardware anyone can be comfortable using.

VIVE tools combine immersive visuals and ergonomic experiences with motion tracking and a host of software options, making them ideal for companies in need of better training options.

The HTC VIVE team have already worked with a wide selection of leading brands on all kinds of unique extended reality offerings for their evolving employees.

Magic Leap

An innovator in augmented and mixed reality experiences, Magic Leap has plenty to offer all kinds of businesses in search of flexible immersion.

With Magic Leap headsets, field services innovators could access all the information they need about a certain system or product in a matter of seconds. Hands-free smart glasses ensure your team members can spend more time focused on the task at hand, and less time flipping through manuals.

Magic Leap’s commitment to building the most convenient experiences for all kinds of business employees makes the headsets produced by this company excellent for a flexible environment like field services.

Magic Leap is currently one of the innovators paving the way to a brighter future of remote and hybrid work.

Pico Interactive

Another leader in virtual reality, Pico Interactive could be an excellent partner for field service companies trying to immerse professionals in important training simulations.

In field environments with a host of potential risks and dangers, the most effective training can reduce the risk of accidents and expensive mistakes.

Pico Interactive’s portfolio of enterprise-ready virtual reality headsets are built to withstand the versatile environments field services professionals encounter on a regular basis. Plus, Pico Interactive can work hand-in-hand with business leaders.

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