Varjo Teleport Review: A Complete Guide


With the concept of the metaverse now taking the world by storm, there’s never been a better time to get involved with Extended Reality. Companies with an investment in the XR space can effectively start building their own metaverse experiences, with the help of tools like Varjo Teleport.

Varjo Teleport VR is an out-of-the-box virtual environment, built by one of the market leaders in VR technology. The solution promises an enhanced environment for professional collaboration and communication, where people can come together rand share a valuable space.

Within Teleport VR, users get to dive into a new world of photorealistic metaverse experiences, as part of the Varjo Reality Cloud platform. You can interact with human-like avatars, present files, and even manipulate 3D models at the same time as your peers. Let’s take a closer look.

Varjo Teleport Review: Features

Collaboration stands as one of the most exciting opportunities for companies getting involved with Virtual Reality. Through VR environments, it’s much easier to bring teams together in a shared space, regardless of where they are. It’s this concept that is also leading the way to the idea of the “metaverse”, as an environment for teamwork.

Varjo Teleport is the first step towards an incredible metaverse opportunity introduced by Varjo as part of the company’s cloud platform. Within the environment, users can jump into collaborative experiences with a first-person perspective, accessing features like:

  • File import: Virtually access and present varied media files including video, audio, and documents.
  • Model manipulation: Create, split, combine, and scale objects, place information overlays in your environment, and deliver context.
  • Add-ons: Add-on technology for Autodesk Revit and Navisworks collects all the visible geometry in your view and optimizes your imported models for VR.

Overall, the idea is you get an environment you can customise to suit your employees workstyles, which adapts according to your meeting, sharing, and collaboration requirements.

Because the technology leverages the Varjo Reality Cloud Platform, you can access the computing power of the cloud, as well as a host of valuable Varjo tools.

Within the Varjo Teleport VR ecosystem, users can:

  • Meet: Go beyond the standard video conference with colleagues in a 3D-enabled environment and experience all the advantages you’d get from an in-person meeting. People can join either via a VR headset or desktop application.
  • Share: Present and navigate various 3D models and documents from a host of angles. You can even place miniature models in your ecosystem for your team to walk around.
  • Collaborate: Work simultaneously with your team members, making alterations and annotations to models on the fly.

Varjo Teleport Review: Benefits

As case studies released by Varjo highlight, the Teleport environment has a lot of benefits to offer today’s creative teams. By giving you an ultra-flexible world, which adapts to your employees, Varjo Teleport ensures teams can communicate and share ideas just as freely in a digital or hybrid world as they would in the office.

In fact, you have more freedom with Teleport, because your not limited by the laws of physics. You can’t simply scale or change aspects of models at the touch of a button in the real world, after all.

Some of the most significant benefits of Varjo Teleport VR include:

  • Excellent collaboration: As the workplace continues to evolve, countless companies have found themselves searching for better ways to bring team members together. Varjo Teleport VR allows colleagues to communicate and connect in a 3D environment with large or one-to-one gatherings. You can even allow your team members to join via a VR headset or desktop app and communicate naturally through physical gestures and voice chat.
  • Flexibility: The Varjo Teleport environment is designed to work with the tools and systems you already use. You can pull models, files, and dozens of other forms of media into your virtual environment and interact with it naturally. There are even add-ins specifically available for Navisworks and Autodesk Revit, to suit certain workflows.
  • Simplicity: Collaborating without limits shouldn’t have to be complicated. With Varjo Teleport, you don’t need any complicated development processes in place before you can start bringing your teams together. All you need to do is load up your VR space, and you can enhance productivity and team performance in no time. Imagine how much easier it will be to prototype and create new products when you can work on ideas in a restriction-free space.
  • Easy sharing: Sharing information within Teleport is excellent too. You can effortlessly import all kinds of assets and explore your 3D models from different angles. This can help to accelerate understanding among team members and give teams the tools they need to come up with amazing new ideas much faster.

On top of all that, it’s worth noting the Varjo Teleport experience is also ideal for reducing costs and confusion.

You can minimize the need for travel or building multiple model versions of products from scratch with Varjo. Plus, when teams work better together, you’re less likely to face mistakes and errors which need to be rectified.

Varjo Teleport VR Review: Verdict

The Varjo Teleport VR experience is an excellent insight into what the future of metaverse collaboration could bring. For companies seeking immersive virtual collaboration experiences, Varjo offers a quick and easy way to get started. Anyone can load up their own virtual environment and start unlocking new creative opportunities in a matter of moments.

Varjo’s wonderfully flexible and immersive experience is even ideal for beginners who haven’t had a lot of experience with VR in the past. The company aims to make accessing your new VR workplace as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, with minimal complicated setup processes.

You can even purchase your service on a subscription basis, so it’s much easier to pay for only what you need and nothing else.

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