Top XR Vendors Majoring in Education for 2022


Few things are more important than delivering the right education to individuals around the globe. Whether enlightening a new generation of young students, or empowering professionals in a complex business environment, learning is the key to building a better future.

In recent years, we’ve discovered just how powerful technology can be in delivering information to those who need it most. The cloud has paved the way for a new era of collaborative remote learning, while AI tools and automated systems are assisting educators in their tasks. XR has the potential to be one of the most disruptive new technologies in the educational space.

With Extended Reality technology, training professionals can deliver incredible experiences to students all over the globe, without the risks or resource requirements of traditional education. Today, we’re looking at just some of the major vendors leading the way to a future of immersive learning.

Meta (Oculus)

Meta, the company currently investing heavily in the future “Metaverse”, is introducing countless communities to the possibilities of VR for education. The brand offers one of the most affordable and straightforward hardware solutions for users interested in virtual reality on the market. This makes it easier for schools and training facilities on a budget to deliver immersive learning experiences.

At the same time, Meta’s flexible software landscape ensures teams can access a wide range of educational apps, or make and implement their own learning tools from scratch. With the Oculus ecosystem, schools and professional training companies alike are beginning to scale their virtual curriculums for a wide range of use cases.


Perhaps the biggest company in the mixed reality landscape right now, Microsoft is paving the way to a future of incredible hybrid learning. According to Microsoft, implementing mixed reality into the training landscape leads to a reduction in training times of approximately 30%. What’s more, educators have been able to reduce average operating costs by 10%.

With the Microsoft HoloLens headset, companies and educational facilities can combine real-world environments with digital content for an unforgettable lesson. Various institutions, including the University of Tampa and Northeastern University have already begun discovering the benefits for themselves. Even in the enterprise landscape, companies can give professionals step-by-step instructions on how to use critical tools, by overlaying information on top of real-world technology.


One of the most popular companies in the virtual reality space today, HTC VIVE specialises in delivering high-quality immersive experiences to enterprises and everyday users alike. With HTC VIVE headsets, educational facilities have a phenomenal opportunity to embed their students within rich virtual experiences, where they can develop new skills safely.

VIVE’s technology combines incredible high-definition visuals and audio with ease of use and a flexible ecosystem for software programs. Already, various leading companies have begun implementing HTC VIVE technology into their educational environments. For instance, MakeReal have developed VR-enabled tools with HTC VIVE for the often-complex plumbing and electrical trade environment.


Bringing the power of XR to the educational landscape requires more than just the right hardware and endpoints. Innovators also need to be able to create powerful learning environments through the right software solutions. That’s where Unity comes in. Offering some of the most innovative development tools in the market, Unity has dedicated solutions just for the educational sector.

The Unity Educator hub makes it easy to accelerate teaching projects with high-quality lesson plans, projects, and tools for extended reality. Companies and educational facilities can use Unity to build amazing immersive lesson plans, and connect with students like never before. There are even special deals on Unity technology available for the educational industry.

Magic Leap

Magic Leap is quickly making a name for itself as one of the biggest leaders in the AR headset space. The company offers state-of-the-art technology to those interested in using Augmented Reality to empower and inspire users. What’s more, Magic Leap’s open platform makes it easy to implement a wide range of engines and tools into the AR experience, depending on your specific needs.

Magic Leap’s technology has already begun to pave the way for new learning experiences in various environments around the world. In 2020, the University of Washington used Magic Leap’s tech to introduce a fully remote classroom to students. In 2022, the company also announced a strategic initiative with various non-profit organisations and Florida Atlantic University for a new generation of educational solutions.

Pico Interactive

Committed to making XR accessible to everyone, Pico Interactive promises high-quality immersive opportunities for all kinds of industries. With a range of headsets to choose from and a dedicated XR store, Pico Interactive is showing the world what’s possible in virtual reality. The company also has its own dedicated developer platform, where users can build immersive learning experiences from scratch.

With Pico Interactive, educators can access an easy-to-leverage and adopt technology, perfect for students of all ages and backgrounds. Users can even enjoy a fully untethered experience with wireless headsets designed to give them complete freedom as they move around a dedicated training environment. Plus, in-depth data statistics and insights make it easier to collect valuable metrics from training experiences.


Another major market leader in the XR environment, Varjo offers MR and VR innovations to a range of industries. The company also has a dedicated “Academic Program” built for universities and schools hoping to adopt more immersive technologies. With Varjo technology, educators and training teams can build state-of-the-art HD experiences in virtual and mixed reality.

Thanks to specialist discounts for the teaching and training landscape, it’s much easier for educators to embrace the next-generation capabilities of XR with Varjo. Plus, the company offers phenomenal support and guidance for academic groups seeking out new opportunities with technology. Various professional training groups have already begun adopting the Varjo ecosystem to assist with everything from training pilots, to improving safety.


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